Our Scholarship Programs for Cystic Fibrosis Patients


The SHOOT FOR THE CURE Tuition Scholarship

The SHOOT FOR THE CURE Activity Scholarship

SFTC ‘s mission is to support Alaskan’s with cystic fibrosis in a variety of ways, including advancing education and wellbeing.

The SFTC Scholarship Fund supports Alaskan students who have cystic fibrosis, and are in the pursuit of education and/or training.

The SFTC Activity Scholarship supports Alaskan patients who wish to experience an activity such as yoga, gym membership, meditation, dance, Pilates, equestrian therapy, or whatever might be deemed suitable to improve their general wellbeing. Alaskans because of their remoteness may experience challenging elements than those who live in the lower 48 States.

SFTC will provide awards at their discretion. The scholarship will be paid directly to the applicant’s university, college or training center to cover educational expenses. Activity Scholarships will be paid directly to the studio, facility, or activity coordinator.

Qualifications For Tuition Scholarship:

  1. Applicant must be an Alaskan resident
  2. At the time of applying, applicant may be a graduating high school senior, or already attending an institute of higher education (university, college or vocation/trade school)
  3. Applicant must be enrolled or plan to enroll in the upcoming academic session
  4. Scholarship is limited to those applicants who have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis

Qualifications For Activity Scholarship:

  1. Applicant must be an Alaska resident
  2. Scholarship is limited to those applicants who have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (some exceptions - siblings)

A Complete Application includes:

# 1- 7 For Tuition Scholarship       
       # 2, 4 - 6 for Activity Scholarship

  1. College or High school transcript
  2. Personal Essay: should detail your commitment to the pursuit of higher education and should reflect your personal experience with CF and your goals.
  3. Accomplishments, Honors, Recognitions, personal accomplishments
  4. Letters of recommendation, 1 is required. Provide no more than 2.
  5. Explanation of Expenses: Please detail your financial need, including the cost of your education and any special circumstances that you may wish to provide.
  6. Written note from primary physician of applicants medical condition.
  7. Successful tuition applicants must submit their student ID number and program information before their award can be disbursed. If this is unavailable at the time of application, submit by email to info@alaskacfshoot.org or phone 907-830-6048 as soon as it becomes available.