Regulations for Our Shooting Competitions


This competition is NOT for novice or inexperienced shooters. It is highly recommended that all participants be familiar with the use of shotguns and rules of the range. Participants MUST be eligible to handle a firearm (IE - legal citizen of the U.S., no felony convictions, non-fugitive, etc.)

To All Participants, Spectators, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Vendors:


Recognizes the potential dangers in this event. Safety is our primary goal and the rules of Birchwood Recreation &

Shooting Park Alaska will be strictly enforced.

  • 1 Do not load or close the gun until you are on your station and it is your turn to shoot. The gun mustremain pointed downrange while on station. While not on the shooting station, the gun must remainpointed in a safe direction (up or down) with action open and unloaded.
  • 2 Shooter moving from Post 5 to Post 1 should walk behind the other shooters.
  • 3 Do not fire at any targets other than your own - only ONE shooter should be shooting at a time.
  • 4 Any time the Puller is range loading the machines, guns should be unloaded with the actions open.
  • 5 No more than one shell in the gun on singles targets and no more than two shells in the gun on doubletargets. In the case of 5-stand, the shooter may fire twice at a single target.
  • 6 Skeet additional rules: Only one person should be on the firing station at any given time. Only one shooter on the firing stationmay fire at any targets.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, SHOOT FOR THE CURE Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park Alaska,

Sponsors and Vendors of SHOOT FOR THE CURE have no liability for injury to participant’s person or property.

I have read and understand the above and agree that participants and will abide by the rules.